Our Company

Founded in 1983, New Beef King remains as one of Chinatown's most well-loved beef jerky markets...and for good reason!

Using my great Aunt's famous Hong Kong style recipe, we continue to prepare our beef jerky the way she did nearly a century ago.

That means...NO DEHYDRATION. Our beef jerky is slowly oven-baked. After a lengthy rotation process through 4 different temperatures in the oven, the marinated meat is then grilled with our special sauce to amplify the taste.

This process is incredibly labor-intensive but produces the juiciest and most tender jerky you'll ever try. After all, perfection takes time.

We strive to provide the best home-made style beef jerky there is. With nearly 35 years of being in business, there is no better tasting beef or pork jerky in NYC than New Beef King... Come taste for yourself!

Our Beef & Pork Jerky

Stripe Style Jerky

Ready to snack at room temperature or pop them in the toaster oven @ 400° for 1 min to release the flavor!

You can store our jerky in the fridge for weeks, and it will keep fresh at room temp for a couple of days.

*Suggestion* Warm the jerky in the toaster oven (400°) for about a minute to release the juices, it's the greatest!!!